Drinks & powders

Drinks & powders

Let us take you on an ancient journey of cocoa drinking. The first cocoa drink is dated around 3000 years ago by the Mayans, and it was an essential part of the Aztec culture 1400 years ago. In Kaicao we wanted to respect this ancient tradition by creating 3 different cocoa drinks made from the whole cocoa bean.

'Ritual/Ceremonial' drink may be the closest to the origins of drinking chocolate, made out of 100% cocoa beans. Our special 'Exotic Mix' is a drink made from fruity cocoa beans, dates and cinnamon. Last but not least, the unique 'Energy Up' caffeine-free cocoa brew drink is an incredible coffee alternative that will elevate your mood and give you energy. All our vegan cocoa drinks are natural superfoods full of theobromine, flavonoids and antioxidants.



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