Kaicao Urban Academy

Weekly tours and experiences in the heart of Madrid

Kaicao Lab Tour

At our cacao lab and store, in the heart of Madrid, we welcome you to come and experience a guided tour to see the process of making bean to bar chocolate from the cacao beans to different chocolate products and to taste them all. This tour is a must for everyone who wants to learn about cacao and the real chocolate making process.

60min 10€ per person.
*Not suitable for children below the age of 14.

Bean-to-Bar Experience

Come join us for a detailed and hands on bean to bar experience where you will learn the whole chocolate making process. We will do together the following select the beans, roasting them, learning about our stone grinders and even creating an ancient chocolate block together. And of course at the end we will taste our chocolate.

120min 40€ per person (min 2 person per booking)
*Not suitable for children below the age of 14.

Ritual Cacao Drinking Workshop

Embark on a journey of well-being with our Cacao ritual Drinking Workshop. Discover the health benefits of daily 100% cacao consumption while crafting unique recipes and blending spices for indulgent cups of hot chocolate. Dive into the art of cacao ceremonies, connecting mind, body, and soul. Join us for a transformative experience where tradition meets modern wellness.

Every Friday at 20:00

25€ per person.
*Not suitable for children below the age of 14.

Chocolate Masterclass for Professionals

Coming soon!

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