• 37% White, Camel Milk and Cacao Fruit Bar
  • 37% White, Camel Milk and Cacao Fruit Bar

37% White, Camel Milk and Cacao Fruit Bar

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Indulge in Luxury with Our Camel Milk White Chocolate Bar

Prepare to embark on a flavor journey like no other with our iconic white chocolate bar. But this isn't just any white chocolate – it's a decadent masterpiece crafted from the richness of camel milk, a rarity that adds a unique and creamy dimension to your indulgence.

A Caramel Symphony: Camel Milk, Cacao Fruit, Hazelnuts, Salt, and Dates

In each bite, you'll discover a harmonious fusion of flavors. The creamy sweetness of camel milk meets the luscious depth of cacao fruit, enhanced by the crunch of hazelnuts, the tantalizing touch of salt, and the natural sweetness of dates. It's a symphony of taste that culminates in a caramel sensation like no other.

Exclusivity Redefined: A World-First Flavor Combination

Our chocolate bar is a world-first, redefining the boundaries of flavor exploration. It's the only bar that brings together the luxurious creaminess of camel milk, the exotic allure of cacao fruit, the nutty delight of hazelnuts, the perfect hint of salt, and the natural sweetness of dates. It's a taste adventure you won't find anywhere else.

Join the Camel Milk Addicts Community: A Flavorful Journey Awaits

When you indulge in our camel milk white chocolate, you're not just savoring a treat; you're joining a passionate community of enthusiasts. Welcome to the Camel Milk Addicts – a tribe that appreciates the finer things in life and celebrates the extraordinary in every bite.

Elevate Your Moments: Taste the Unique, Join the Exclusive

This chocolate bar isn't just a sweet indulgence; it's a statement of luxury, flavor, and exclusivity. Elevate your moments of indulgence and discover the magic of camel milk, cacao fruit, hazelnuts, salt, and dates in every square.

Indulge in a flavor experience like no other and join the community of Camel Milk Addicts. Our iconic white chocolate bar is a celebration of uniqueness, passion, and exquisite taste.

Date sweetened—no added sugars.
Weight: 70gr. 

Organic cocoa butter, organic dates powder, camel milk powder, freeze-dried cacao fruit powder, hazelnuts, and salt. 

Allergens: contain milk and hazelnuts and may contain traces of other nuts and sesame. 

For 100 grams: 

Energy: 2378,3 kJ / 567,2 Kcal
Fats: 42,8
Saturated Fats 25,7 g
Carbohydrates: 37,7
Sugar 30 g
Protein: 8,83 g
Salt: 0,2 g

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